VoIP Defies the Bear Economy like Chuck Norris defies a 700lb Bear

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VoIP Defies the Bear Economy like Chuck Norris defies a 700lb Bear

An interesting report by IBISWorld, Inc. just named VoIP as the predicted #1 performer In 2009 - it even beat video games. Yet more proof that VoIP isn't dead and indeed VoIP is the one shining bright spot in an otherwise dismal bear economy.

VoIP is indeed defying the "bears" of the economy. Reminds me of when Chuck Norris defied that huge bear in the woods. Sure, the bear got on top of Chuck and even ripped Chuck's shirt, but this was just a training exercise for Chuck's "You don't want to tick me off stare." At the end of the wresting match, Chuck just looked at the bear, the bear knew he lost, and walked away. Bears don't mess with Chuck Norris and apparently the bears of the economy don't mess with VoIP.

Check out the news release below after you watch Chuck give the bear his patented stare down:

IBISWorld Announces Top 10 Industries
The recession is crippling businesses across the nation, but several industries will remain unscathed by the current economic strife, according to recent Recession Updates published by industry research firm IBISWorld.  As one of the nation's most respected independent publishers of business intelligence research reports, IBISWorld today announced the top 10 industries expected to have the largest revenue growth in 2009:

1.    Voice Over Internet Protocol Providers (VoIP)   20.1%
2.    ecommerce & Online Auctions                           12.6%
3.    Biotechnology                                         10.3%
4.    Engine, Turbine & Power Transmission                  10.0%
       Equipment Manufacturing
5.    Scheduled Bus Service                                  9.2%
6.    Court Reporting Services                               7.7%
7.    Community Housing Services                             7.5%
8.    Search Engines                                         6.5%
9.    Family Counseling                                      6.1%
10.   Video Games                                            5.8%

"Emerging industries remain well represented and continue to benefit from technological innovation and cost advantages," explained George Van Horn, senior analyst with IBISWorld.  "Unfortunately, the impact of the recession is equally pronounced among sectors directly benefitting from the social and financial stress associated with the downturn."

While only five percent of all U.S. industries are fortunate enough to be positively impacted by the recession, IBISWorld research estimates that nearly 60 percent of all industries are negatively impacted or worse.

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