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VoIP Focus Groups

Normally, I would not accept a request for a free advertisement on my VoIP/Gadget Blog. However, they're paying IT Professionals who are considering deploying VoIP an impressive $200 to take part in this focus group. I know I have lots of IT professionals and VoIP aficionados with an IT background that read my blog and could use the $200 bucks. So, this is my good deed of the week. Let me know what you buy with the $200, especially if it's a cool gadget. Hey, wait a second... New York? That's only an hour from me. And I'm an IT guy (CTO). I'll meet ya'll there! I've got my eye on a few toys myself like the Motorola RAZR

Here's the email I received with contact info.

VOIP FOCUS GROUPS in NYC & LA - pays $200

IT Professionals who have implemented or are considering VOIP systems for their workplace are sought for a 2 hour FOCUS GROUP in NYC (7/20 or 7/21) and LOS ANGELES (7/27 or 7/28). Participants will be paid $200 CASH.

This research is being sponsored by a major VOIP service/product provider and no sales attempt will be made now or ever.

Feel free to contact me at danielle@nicerecruiting.com or call me toll-free at 866-464-4332 to reserve your spot.

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