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VoIP & Gadgets Blog Named a Top 10 Telecommunications Blog

cision-logo.jpgVoIP & Gadgets blog was named one of the Top 10 telecom websites by Cision Media. Unlike other top 10 lists, this list claims to be objective since it compares unique visitors per month to generate an accurate assessment. I wasn't planning on blogging it, but did email a link to TMC's Dave Rodriguez and Rich Tehrani.

Then I noticed Garrett Smith had a good write-up on him making this list as well. Garrett said it well when he said, "...I've seen a number of top VoIP blog lists spring-up which look to rank the most popular and influential voices in the industry. As a former list compiler myself I know the difficulties in selecting the best blogs, because ranking the"best" is so subjective. Hence why we really try to not toot our own horn when it comes to making these types of lists. Sure the recognition is great, but what are most of these lists really based on other than opinion or perception?"

Indeed, these top lists are very subjective and opinion-based, which is why I found this objective and analytical list so fascinating. After reading Garrett's article about this top 10 telecom list, I decided it was worth sharing as well.

So check out what Cision Media said:

Our Top 10 Blog lists are generated by comparing Unique Visitors per Month figures for blogs in Cision's media database, giving you a snapshot of some of the best read and most discussed blogs. Check back for new lists every other week.

  Top 10 Telecommunications Blogs   
  1. Considering Convergence
  2. VoIP & Gadgets Blog
  3. Skype Journal    

I don't want to include the entire article, so go check out the other 7 websites. My boss Rich Tehrani also made the list, which means 20% of the list are TMC websites.

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