VoIP news hotter than ever

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VoIP news hotter than ever

There has been a flurry of VoIP news, announcements, and VoIP reports, which all point to the same thing. VoIP is exploding!

For example, according to this Yankee Group VoIP release, more than one million US consumers will have subscribed to an IP telephone service by the end of this year, up from only 131,000 at the end of 2003.

The report also predicts that 17.5 million US households will be using the technology by the end of 2008.

A research report issued last week by Synergy Research Group concurs that VoIP sales are on the rise. According to the report, the worldwide enterprise IP telephony market grew about 75 percent in the second quarter of this year to $728 million, up from $414.7 million the same quarter last year.

This IP Telephony Hots Up article talks about how the Australian IP telephony market is hotting up, with around 60 per cent of medium and large companies set to deploy the technology by 2007.

According to the IDC study, one in seven medium and large companies (14 per cent) have already deployed IP telephony and another 47 per cent will be implementing it in the next three years. IDC stated this uptake represented almost a $1 billion market for enterprise IP telephony equipment and VoIP services.

Further, IDC predicts that VoIP revenue will grow from $3.3 billion to a massive $15 billion+ by 2007!

A CNet article titled "VoIP picks up momentum" also discusses the growth of VoIP.

But if you really want proof in the pudding that VoIP is hot, check out this GoogleFight, which compares the number of Google results for two keywords. So I compared two hot keywords - "VoIP" and "Britney Spears".

Considering all the porn sites that add Britney Spears name to their website promising nude photos of her, as well as hundreds of Britney Spear fan sites, etc. who do you think will win?

Is it VoIP or Britney Spears?
Click here to find out:
GoogleFight - VoIP vs. Britney Spears

And just for fun, here are some other interesting Google Fights:
GoogleFight - George Bush vs. John Kerry
GoogleFight - Tom Keating vs. Jeff Pulver

Ok, I win that Google Fight, but that's not fair since my name is a bit more common than Jeff Pulver's. Ok, I'll make the fight fairer by adding "voip" to end of my name so only my VoIP articles come up even though I also write gadget, call center, wireless, and other types of articles which will be excluded.
GoogleFight - Tom Keating voip vs. Jeff Pulver
Well, looks like I win that Google Fight too. Maybe Jeff needs to start blogging more! : )

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