VoIP Plays Role in the Elections

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VoIP Plays Role in the Elections

Meghan McCainVoIP played an important role in this year's Presidential elections. Even notorious robocalls leveraged VoIP to blast out calls using inexpensive calling rates.

Michael Dinan has an interesting article on how the Republican National Committee (RNC) leveraged Grandstream phones for pollsters across the U.S. The photo to the right is John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain using a Grandstream GXP2020 phone. Obviously, John McCain had to pinch pennies where he could to counteract Barrack Obama's mind-blowing $700+ million campaign funds raised - some of it via controversial credit card donations.

Well, savings from VoIP calls certainly didn't save the McCain campaign, so I guess he'll just have to continue to be a maverick in the Senate. Though 'maverick' may be the most overused phrase of 2009, so I think he needs a new nickname. Mr. Opposite (what most GOP members vote), The Independent, Mr. Bi-partisan, Mr. Reach Across the Aisle.

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