VoIP, PSTN, Web conferencing solution for service providers

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VoIP, PSTN, Web conferencing solution for service providers

There are several web conferencing solutions that let you collaborate, including WebEx, Interwise, and Raindance. Some of them feature both PSTN dial-in and VoIP capabilities and some don't. Some conferencing providers have video and some don't. Regardless, many service providers are looking to provide their own conferencing solution to their customers without having to re-sell or OEM the aforementioned vendors' technology where they may only receive a small piece of the recurring monthly revenue pie..

Tomorrow, Vapps & Webdialogs will be announcing a partnership that will combine both of their conferencing platforms, creating an IP-based audio & web conferencing solution that targets carriers & service providers. This platform allows simultaneous voice & data conferencing over any type of network (IP or TDM) using any type of calling device (PSTN handset, cellular, SIP phone or IP softphone). The enhanced hybrid platform enables carriers and service providers to combine Web and Audio Conferencing into one collaborative service.

The central component of the CB1000 enhancement is WebDialogs’ WebInterpoint architecture, enabling end users to share documents, presentations, web content and applications online and in real-time. Featuring open API’s, WebInterpoint easily integrates into the Vapps platform, giving service provider customers an easy to use interface for hosting or joining audio/web conferences over any type of network utilizing any type of access device including: traditional handsets, cellular phone or IP devices.

“It’s important in today’s evolving telecom industry to offer high quality solutions that support both legacy and newer IP infrastructures,” said Ben Lilienthal, CEO and co-founder of Vapps. “WebDialogs has given us the ability to offer the industry’s first collective voice and data conferencing solution that works across all communication platforms, an invaluable competitive advantage for us.”

CB1000 is a SIP-enabled, carrier-grade conferencing platform that is VoIP native and delivers reliable, seamless reservation-less conference calls on both legacy and IP-based telecom systems. Features include: web-based call control, standard and advanced call management (lists, mute, volume control, conference locking and recording), operator support and call record details among others. The product supports up to 18,000 total conference participants in multiple simultaneous conferences, with the ability to easily scale on a card-by-card basis.

“We’ve built our business by providing our customers premier web conferencing services that are easy to use,” stated Lou Guercia, CEO of Wedialogs. “Our partnership with Vapps furthers our initiative by leveraging the CB1000’s hybrid architecture in order to enter into new arenas such as the exploding VoIP marketplace.”

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