VoIP spurs growth for Cablevision

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VoIP spurs growth for Cablevision

Skibare pointed out this Wall Street Journal article: WSJ.com - Cablevision's Loss Narrows With Strength in Advertising

I used to have CableVision when I lived in Norwalk and was pretty pleased with their service - they were one of the first cable companies in the Northeast to offer cable broadband. Competing satellite providers and other "ventures" have hurt CableVision over the past few years, but they seem to be getting some legs under them with the help of voice over Internet services.

According to the article, Cablevision's Internet phone service got 74,142 new sign-ups. Wow, that's nearly 75,000 VoIP customers. The article doesn't state how many "old" VoIP customers Cablevision has - so the total is unclear. But even 75,000 by itself is pretty impressive.

Cablevision is bundling TV, Internet and phone service for $99 a month - an impressive price-point.

The growth in CableVision's VoIP customers has Cablevision predicting revenue at the high end of its forecasted 13% to 15% growth.

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