VoIP Supply Grants No-Questions-Asked 3-Year Warranty on All VoIP Hardware

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VoIP Supply Grants No-Questions-Asked 3-Year Warranty on All VoIP Hardware

VoIP SupplyVoIP Supply announced a three-year, no-questions-asked, guaranteed replacement warranty, called Go3. As long as you purchase your VoIP hardware (IP phones, ATAs, SIP WiFi phones, IP-PBXs, etc.) from VoIP Supply they'll replace the VoIP equipment no questions asked. Hmmm. Considering I'm constantly in the labs "kicking" the tires of various VoIP equipment and I have on occasion spilled Diet Coke on equipment , I wonder if they'd still replace a 'sticky' IP phone that was drowned in Diet Coke? How bout if I drop kick it across the lab breaking the plastic? Or what if I don't like the scratch across my color LCD display and just want a new phone. Can I break it on purpose and get a new one? Wow! This is almost as good as Costco's warranty/return policy!

Well alrighty VoIP Supply. As long as I can abuse my VoIP equipment and you're going to replace it no-questions-asked, you can have my business!

Of course, I get a lot of my VoIP equipment to test for free anyway, but that's beside the point...

Full release after the jump...

VoIP Supply, LLC (www.voipsupply.com), a division of Sayers Technology Holdings and a leading provider of Voice over IP hardware, announced the launch of their new three-year, no-questions-asked, guaranteed replacement warranty, Go3. The new Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty gives customers a no hassle way to protect their VoIP hardware purchases. The new warranty program is based off of VoIP Supply’s existing warranty program and was redesigned with feedback from existing customers.

“Our customer service is VoIP Supply’s number one priority,” said Benjamin P. Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply. “We have been successful due to our wonderful customer’s trust and support. The Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty is just another way that we can bring our clients needs to the forefront.”

The Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty allows customers to protect their VoIP Supply hardware investments. Their hardware is completely covered for a full three years from the date of purchase. If the equipment fails, malfunctions, or ceases to operate properly for any reason (manufacturer defect, component failure or user negligence), VoIP Supply will provide a replacement.

Unlike most extended warranty programs offered by retailers, with Go3 there is no fine print or run-around during the redemption process. The only conditions include purchasing the equipment from VoIP Supply and returning it within the three-year period. The coverage must also be purchased at the point of sale, and it is not refundable.

For more information about the VoIP Supply Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty, please visit http://www.VoIPSupply.com/go3_warranty.php



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