VoIP Supply Offers VoIP Network Assessment and Evaluation Packages

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VoIP Supply Offers VoIP Network Assessment and Evaluation Packages

Garrett Smith points me to a new program being offered by VoIP Supply to help SMBs deploy VoIP. One of the problems with VoIP deployment is QoS issues due to poor network design. Many SMBs just don't have the IT staff to properly configure switches to set the TOS (Type of Service) bit for packet prioritization or know how to configure a VLAN that separates the voice from the data packets.Garrett told me,"VoIP network assessment and evaluation packages for businesses 1 to 250 users in size. The packages have been designed by myself, and our Executive Vice President Cory Andrews, for those who do not have the in-house technical expertise to design and purchase their own IP PBX system, create technical drawings with documentation, analyze their current data and voice networks, as well as purchase the required hardware, software and telecommunications service components for their VoIP deployment."

He then explained, "The VoIP Supply VoIP network assessment and evaluation packages offer a complete and comprehensive set of deliverables that gives businesses of all sizes the ability to make informed decisions about a potential migration to VoIP."

VoIP Supply's VoIP network assessment and evaluation packages include the following:

  • Initial telephone consultation with an IP Communications expert.
  • Discussion to determine your goals and basic communications needs.
  • Discussion of features that fit your needs/requirements and additional features available to you.
  • Technical drawing, in flow chart format, detailing the components of your proposed solution and how they interconnect.
  • Details to complement the technical drawing, explaining each hardware, software and service element.
  • Discussion and explanation of critical concepts including QoS (Quality of Service), remote user/office setup and integration and PBX dialplan setup (Call routing PSTN and SIP/VOIP).
  • Recommendations for both PSTN (Analog POTS, T1/PRI) connectivity, data (DSL, Cable, Fiber,    t1/PRI) connectivity, as well as SIP Based VoIP service providers (ITSP).
  • Complete quotation for hardware, software, service and accessories.
  • Location or a local or national company to assist in the installation of your hardware and    software, including network components.
  • Pricing discounts on hardware, configuration and support of your installation.

Prices range from $149.99 for a 1 -4 user SOHO type business, to $1999.95 for up to a 250 user large business.

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