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VoIP Testing Tool

Here's some news about a VoIP testing tool. VoIP testing tools are becoming more important as VoIP grows, so enjoy this bit of news:

Long Beach, CA - October 12, 2004
Psytechnics, the global leader in voice and video quality assessment software, has teamed with NetTest, a leading worldwide provider of monitoring, management and testing solutions for advanced and converged networks, to bring industry standard voice quality measurement capabilities to NetTest's service assurance tools for VoIP networks.

NetTest will integrate Psytechnics' psyVoIP software for measuring the voice quality of live customer calls into the MasterQuest VoIP solution. The MasterQuest VoIP solution is part of NetTest's OSS solution family based on MasterQuest, designed specifically for telecommunication network carriers and service providers to optimize their business performance and increase revenues

MasterQuest VoIP is a complete service assurance solution for IP networks, combining troubleshooting with key performance indicators to support the management of suppliers' service level agreements. The incorporation of psyVoIP will enable not only real-time assessment of the end-user experience, but also rapid diagnosis of customer-affecting network problems, allowing efficient prioritization of network maintenance.

"As demand for VoIP grows, managing voice quality and understanding end-user experience is a top concern among service providers. The decision to integrate real-time voice quality monitoring and diagnostic tools into our VoIP solution was obvious, and Psytechnics is second to none when it comes to voice quality," said Mr. Weber, vice president and head of the Systems Business Unit at NetTest. "Psytechnics has a proven track record, having developed the ITU standard for voice quality assessment, and its technology is a perfect fit for the current market demand."

"When monitoring the quality of a VoIP network, service providers need both a consolidated view of overall network performance and constant awareness of individual subscriber experience," said John Winchester, CEO of Psytechnics "The pairing of psyVoIP and MasterQuest allows NetTest to offer a complete monitoring and service assurance system that unifies a network and service-centric reporting, with customer-centric reporting."

psyVoIP is a passive voice quality measurement solution that monitors live customer calls and rates the perceived quality on a MOS (mean opinion score) scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. In addition to quality metrics, psyVoIP provides a range of diagnostics information so customer-affecting problems are identified and rectified as quickly as possible. psyVoIP's voice quality assessment capabilities are based on Psytechnics' PESQ, the ITU-T P.862 standard for objective speech quality assessment. Psytechnics is also involved in the current development of an ITU standard (P.VQT) for measuring quality in VoIP networks.

For additional information about NetTest and MasterQuest, please visit www.nettest.com. For further details about Psytechnics and psyVoIP, please visit www.psytechnics.com.

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