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VoIP Tradeshow Testimonials

Tradeshows are always a fluctuating business. What could be the greatest tradeshow in the world one year, could be a disaster the next - or worse gone forever. Comdex anyone? As part of the TMC team, I strive as best I can to make sure TMC puts on a great IT Expo show, whether it's recommending speakers, moderating panels, or covering the plethora of news that inevitably comes out of Internet Telephony Expo.

So it is extremely nice to read Rich Tehrani's roundup of testimonials from the Los Angeles show from some very happy exhibitors. Certainly hearing feedback from exhibitors and attendees not only is a great morale boost to the TMC team, but it also gives an idea of what was "good" about the show - whether they were able to network with people, get customer leads, etc.

Let's face it, there are several other IP communications-related shows that TMC has to compete for attendees and exhibitors. So TMC is very proud to have had 6,871 attendees at IT Expo. We must be doing something right. I might add that inevitably at all the IT Expo's I've attended over the years, I encounter many exhibitors that tell me IT Expo's biggest strength is that it draws customers/buyers to the show. And don't forget that Rich offers a 100% money-back guarantee for TMC's VoIP tradeshow.

Of course, TMC is not beyond criticism or room for improvement, so by all means, if you have any  negative testimonials - let's call them "suggestions" for the show, post a comment here or on Rich's blog.

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