VoIP via power lines

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VoIP via power lines

First came voice over copper and for a over one hundred years voice was carried over copper. Then came wireless which allowed car phones and cell phones to flourish. Next, came the Internet and we had Voice over the Internet aka Voice over IP (VoIP) over dial-up (ex: VocalTec's Internet Phone, Microsoft Netmeeting). Next came broadband and much improved VoIP offerings from Vonage and other players using ATA devices such as the Cisco ATA-186 and now Sipura.

It makes one think, "What more can we possibly do to invent new ways of transmitting voice and communicating?"

Well, how about "voice over power"? Check out this release:
Fonix Delivers VoIP Via Power Lines; Innovative BPL Technology Targeted for Availability Q4 2004 for Customers in Southeastern Region

Here's a snippet of it:
Fonix Corp., an innovative communications and technology company providing integrated telecommunications services and value-added speech technologies, announces the successful delivery of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on Broadband over Power Lines (BPL), giving customers more choices in how they receive voice, data and media services in their homes or businesses. On Aug. 6, 2004, Fonix's recently acquired subsidiary LecStar Telecom Inc. completed installation and testing of the new service. LecStar is among the first to implement this technology in the United States.

LecStar is currently field testing its BPL service with a Southeastern utility company. About 20 percent of the customers in the six-month trial will test LecStar's new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on BPL service. BPL, which delivers high-speed Internet and voice services over existing power lines, represents one way Fonix plans to introduce cost-saving technologies to businesses and individuals in its growing network of telecommunications customers.

Now with Voice over "power" there is another choice for VoIP which means more competition and good news for consumers.

It harkens me back to our 1998 premiere issue of Internet Telephony Magazine which has a cover SCREAMING the words "Free Speech!"

The way VoIP is exploding and with big players like AT&T launching VoIP services, it won't be long before our 1998 vision of "Free Speech" and the 1st Amendment right "Freedom of Speech" will become a much more literal term!

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