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I'm in the press room at VON and attempted to logon to VON's WiFi network. It asks you for your email address which must be in the VON registration database in order for you to access the show's WiFi network. So I entered in "tkeating-nospam@tmcnet.com" (minus the "-nospam part) and it denied me access to the VON network. Damn it, I need my WiFi fix! I've got blogging to do, websites to see...

Fortunately my photographic memory recalled that my VON registration email confirmationfrom last week had part of my email address in upper-case. It had it as "TKEATING-nospam@tmcnet.com" (minus -nospam). Could it possibly be that the WiFi access field is case-sensitive? Nah, who would make an email address case sensitive? Ah, what the heck, let me try the uppercase version.

Sure enough, I was able to logon to VON's WiFi network. Phew! I'm in...

p.s. My VoIP bloggers speaking session at VON starts in a few hours. Should be fun.

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