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Vonage Broadband VoIP service provider

CallVantage Outage yesterday

August 23, 2005

AT&T CallVantage
experienced an outage yesterday that affected their website, their CallVantage service (no VoIP phone service), and their call center. That had to be a first - you try and dial the phone company - AT&T - and you can't get through!

According to AT&T's Gary Morgenstern, AT&T Media Relations, the outage lasted under two hours. Some of my sources circulated a rumor was that it was related to a router issue, however Gary Morgenstern responded, "the duration of yesterday's outage was under 2 hours and not related to routing. A data center that houses some AT&T CallVantage Service platforms and other services experienced a power outage that impacted service to customers."

I also heard a rumor that the power outage brought down two OC48s, but I wasn't able to confirm this.

Motorola VT2442 & Vonage

July 26, 2005

I was reading which reported the Motorola VT2442 & Vonage deal. The Motorola VT2442 is an all-in-one device that powers up to two lines of telephone service and supports call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID. It also supports a fully-featured home network router, four Ethernet ports, and a firewall for Internet security. It also features the Texas Instruments' TNETV1060 VoIP gateway chipset for voice quality enhancement.

What is notably absent from the news release is any mention of wireless capability.

Vonage e911 Warning Message

July 20, 2005

I promised in my "Vonage e-911 Warning" blog entry that I would try to post a voice message from Vonage regarding their "requirement" to acknowledge their e911 rules/limitation/notice. So here it is in MP3 format. Take a listen.

I'm just surprised the mainstream media or even the technology media has not caught onto the July 29th deadline set by the FCC for the VoIP providers to advise their customers of e911 limitations and get acknowledgement from their customers.

As I have stated both today and nearly two weeks ago, the FCC mandate could result in a massive "forced" VoIP outage by the VoIP providers in order to comply with the FCC ruling. The reason?

Voxilla You're Killing Me!

July 20, 2005

C'mon Voxilla, we're friends, aren't we? I've met your CEO at a VoIP tradeshow and we got along famously. But now this is the second time you've run with an idea of mine to run a news story in the SAME DAY! On April 20th, I has a scoop on NextAlarm and a few hours later Voxilla had an eerily similar article.

Vonage e-911 Warning

July 20, 2005

I received a voice message from Vonage last night stating I needed to go to their website and acknowledge the e-911 rules or else I would be disconnected from the Vonage service. I didn't play the message - my wife did - so I don't have the exact details. This follows a recent email I received from Packet8 stating I needed to acknowledge their email or else I would lose my Packet8 service. (I have a Packet8 videophone)

I meant to copy the Vonage voicemessage on the home answering machine to my home PC and then attach it (.MP3 file) to an e-911 Vonage blog entry so you could listen to it.

Ah well.

Vonage offers VTech IP-8100-2 Cordless Phone

July 20, 2005

Looks like another cordless VoIP phone solution being offered by a major broadband VoIP provider. Could the end of the standalone ATA be far behind? Today, Vonage and VTech, a supplier of corded and cordless phones in North America announced that the IP-8100-2, cordless broadband phone system configured with Vonage's flat-rate full-featured phone service will be available at over 8,000 retailers July 24, 2005. This product, configured with the Texas Instruments (TI) TNETV1060 VoIP chipset, has a Retail Price of $149.99, and offers $50 mail in rebate after sixty days of service.

Vonage Voicemail problems

July 15, 2005

An update to the Vonage website two days ago prevented users from accessing their voicemail accounts via the web interface. Vonage users were greeted with the message, "No voice mail boxes found for your account."

The voicemail problem which started on Wednesday continued through early Thursday morning. According to Vonage, users could still access their voicemail via the telephone interface and they reported that the problem was resolved as of today.

Outage "potential" is one reason why I don't use Vonage's voicemail on my home Vonage line - instead I use a home answering machine for my voicemail.

Dial-Up VoIP Adaptor and Vonage Rumor

July 14, 2005

Skibare pointed me to a Yahoo news release about a dial-up VoIP adaptor from Nomad International. According to their numbers, over 80% of U.S. Internet subscribers are still on dial-up. I'm still not convinced that dial-up VoIP will have any market traction due to voice quality concerns.

VoIP Rankings

July 12, 2005

Interesting VoIP report from Keynote Systems I thought I'd share. It states Vonage ranks first in reliability while AT&T CallVantage ranks #1 for best audio quality. Some other interesting insights as well - check it out...

Today Keynote issued the results of the first of its kind study of the service quality of top providers of Internet telephone service.

Where Is the Dial Tone?

Vonage selects Avaya

June 20, 2005

Is it just me, or is there something strange/weird about Vonage partnering with Avaya? Here you have Vonage, a cool technology trendsetter in broadband telephony that has helped changed the telecom landscape forever partnering with Avaya, a "traditional" PBX manufacturer. According to the release pasted below, Vonage is using Avaya's IP telephony contact center solution for their customer service call center. Nothing against Avaya, but I would have expected Vonage to go with something "cool and hip" like an open source Linux-based Asterisk PBX solution.

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