VONaLink softphone uses SIP to capture CallerID

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VONaLink softphone uses SIP to capture CallerID

I just wrote about Arcosoft's VoIP call recording software this week and now just a few days later they launched another interesting product called VONaLink ScreenPop. ScreenPop works with any VoIP phone system based on the SIP standard, such as Vonage or Asterisk, to provide screen pops and even the ability to reject calls. Buh-bye telemarketers!

Typically Caller ID is read by a computer using an analog modem or a proprietary CallerID box. VONaLink uses open standards in the VoIP world to simply extract CallerID info by monitoring the network packets.

More important than the 'techno-speak' on how it works, using the Caller ID of the incoming call, ScreenPop searches for the caller in Microsoft Outlook contacts, or launches custom applications to search the web or company database. If the caller is found, the information is popped on the screen.

Unwanted callers can be added to the reject list. Integration with Vonage Click2Call allows outbound calls to be placed by clicking in the call log within ScreenPop. Sweet! Now if only I was still a Vonage customer.

VONaLink ScreenPop runs on Windows XP, 2003, and 2000. Priced at $29 USD

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