VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX SIP PBX-to-Skype gateway

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VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX SIP PBX-to-Skype gateway

just announced the VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX, a SIP-to-Skype gateway product that bridges the Skype network with SIP-based IP-PBXs and SIP gateways. The VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX enables companies with SIP-enabled PBXs to add Skype trunks for inexpensive calling. This isn't the first SIP-to-Skype gateway, I've written about others here, here, here, and here, however, this is the first "Skype-certified", enterprise-grade PBX-to-Skype gateway for SIP networks.

The new VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX is based on the company's enterprise-grade Linux platform and connects an IP-PBX to Skype to dramatically reduce telecom costs up to 90% over traditional telco trunks according to VoSKY.
The VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX integrates with any existing IP-PBX through SIP trunk ports and adds up to 30 lines of Skype. Using aVoSKY Exchange gateway, employees can make and receive Skype calls from their regular office phone - no Skype software, computers, or headsets are required.
Further, VoSKY Exchange ensures that all inbound and outbound Skype calls are included in the company's Call Detail Records (CDR), which is important from a managerial perspective. VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX can take advantage of Skype's newly launched Unlimited World plans for ultra low cost international and long distance calls.

VoSKY explains, "Businesses can also enhance their online sales efforts by adding a Skype-powered click-to-call button on their e-commerce site, online support portal, or web banner, as well as expand market presence by adding a local number in any country where global SkypeIn is available." They added, "Furthermore, the VoSKY gateway lets telecommuters and traveling workers connect to the company PBX from wherever they are, allowing them to talk to the office for free or place low cost international calls. To add remote PBX access, companies only need to install a free Skype client on the employee's laptop or smart phone."

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