Well there goes VoIP's 5 nines (99.999) of reliability!

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Well there goes VoIP's 5 nines (99.999) of reliability!

Check out this alert on the University of Buffalo's website:

UBIT Alert
Campus Wide Services Impacted
VoIP System Maintenance

Effective: 8/6/2008 Expires: 8/6/2008 Posted: 2008-08-04

On Wednesday, 8/6, between 6:00 - 7:00 AM system maintenance will be performed on the VoIP server infrastructure. Technical staff will be updating web security certificates.

During the system maintenance window, users will experience a momentary interruption of approximately 5 minutes during which user configurable features will not be available for modification.

Should a situation exist where this might seriously restrict your ability to conduct business, please contact us so that we can reschedule this work.

For more information contact oss-unix (oss-unix@buffalo.edu), 645-5367

I just hope there isn't a campus shooting or something like that. How would campus personnel be able to broadcast emergency messages to your VoIP phone in your dorm room? There's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Or what if some other major emergency happens on campus, like you know, you've got the major munchies or you want to order a pizza? Now that's really a lawsuit waiting to happen! Don't believe lawsuits can happen over not being able to order pizza using VoIP? Just go take a gander at Vonage IPO Lawsuit and my Lawsuit over my Cold Pizza.

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