Wengo releases Flash VoIP client

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Wengo releases Flash VoIP client

Looks like Wengo beat Adobe to the punch in offering a Flash VoIP client. If you recall, both Om and I discussed how Adobe was planning on offering a Flash VoIP client.

Check out the news courtesy of Slashdot:
"Wengo, a French company specializing in VoIP and instant messaging, and patron of the OpenWengo project (previously featured in Free Software magazine and here on Slashdot), has just released WengoVisio — a Flash softphone that you can download and embed in your Web page, to allow readers to call you when you're available through their browser, without downloading any software. (Disclaimer: I work for Wengo, on the OpenWengo project.) It's functionally cut down from the full Wengophone, but it's enough to be able to make a phone call in a Web page for the first time."

Hat tip to Greg for forwarding.

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