Wicom Anounces new VoIP Software Suite Version

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Wicom Anounces new VoIP Software Suite Version

Wicom Communications, a European provider of all-IP contact center solutions and VoIP enterprise telephony software for fixed and wireless network environments, today announced the availability of the latest version of the Wicom Communications Server Suite (CSS) software.

Wicom CSS 4.0 is an all-IP telephony software suite that allows a single, integrated system to be used for both customer service and enterprise telephony. Wicom CSS combines voice and data traffic, IT systems and multiple terminals into a centrally managed solution that ┬Čallows users to switch between telephony services and terminals according to need. For example, the new software includes mobile devices as an integral part of overall corporate IT and telephony infrastructure. Customer service agents and phone users can access all communication services and tools via any type of terminal, including workstation web browser, Symbian Series 60 based mobile devices or traditional fixed-line and mobile phones.

Wicom CSS 4.0 includes additional functionality that streamlines enterprise communication management and increased cost savings through improved employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. For instance, employees can provide "traffic light" notices via their mobile devices that notify switchboard and colleagues about their current availability e.g. participation in meetings. Similarly, when traveling, users can route all contacts to their mobile phone or to a selected team of specialists to ensure that all calls are resolved in the most efficient, immediate manner. All information is accessible by switchboard and contact center operators as well as company employees, thus improving availability and overall service levels.

"Wicom CSS 4.0 combines phone calls, e-mails, web contacts and other communications channels into a centralized, easy-to-manage solution that integrates seamlessly with the corporate telephony and IT infrastructure. This improves customer service as well as the productivity of both office workers and traveling experts. The new software version answers the ever-increasing demand for IP-based telephony solutions and operator-independent mobile presence services," said Mr. Jouni Purontaus, Founder and CTO, Wicom Communications.

The Wicom CSS solution allows organizations to deploy an IP-based contact center and telephony solution on a location-by-location or user-by-user basis. A phased deployment allows existing telephone systems to be utilized fully, which brings cost savings and lessens the dependence on a particular telecom operator and proprietary telephony hardware.

Wicom CSS software is used by over 130 companies in 11 countries.

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