Witness Systems SIP VoIP Recording Solution

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Witness Systems SIP VoIP Recording Solution

Some news from Witness Systems claiming to be the first to offer a SIP-enabled recording solution. I'm not sure that's accurate. I know Nice Systems has a VoIP recording solution and I'm pretty sure they support SIP and if they don't, I know ASC does for sure, as seen by this TMCnet news article.

So some serious hyperbole on the part of this release, but I know I get a lot of emails from people looking for VoIP call recording solutions, so let me share the news in case you wish to read it.

Witness Systems (NASDAQ: WITS), a leading global provider of workforce optimization software and services, today introduced the industry’s first SIP-enabled recording solution for IP telephony-based contact center environments. It is designed to lower the total cost of ownership through the support of high availability and high capacity systems, improved robustness through workflow and database support, as well as protocol command forwarding to support multi-site systems.SIP is quickly building a name for itself in the contact center industry as the standard for a unified signaling protocol for communication and presence information. A SIP-enabled contact center will allow customers to leverage the benefits of multi-channel IP communications with the existing base of traditional telephone call centers. By combining IP telephony with the Witness Systems solution, it is becoming viable to deploy recording both in the IP-enabled contact center and beyond. Analyzing all these external communications is more important than ever as every business seeks to gain a competitive advantage from better understanding their customers and acting on insights contained in interactions with them.

The open standards nature of SIP enables end users to lower the total cost of ownership by commoditizing end points, and also facilitates presence-enabled communications across multiple mediums. This means that with the added flexibility, contact centers can forward specific calls to domain experts or knowledge workers, which results in more dynamic dialogues and value-added interactions. Improved first-contact resolution also sets the stage for high value customer opportunities. According to a recent survey conducted by an industry research and advisory firm, 50 percent of respondents confirmed that building a closer relationship with existing customers is critical in driving call center growth over the next three years. The SIP signaling protocol allows contact centers to achieve a stronger level of intimacy to customers by leveraging knowledge workers and domain experts. Customers who are immediately provided with informativeand warm transfers do not have to start over from the beginning to explain their situation, because calls are linked with important information about the customer’s needs. Capturing this information provides valuable intelligence for companies to act upon to optimize their entire customer service value chain. “We are seeing a need for proven, field-tested solutions in the most demanding and mission-critical environments, particularly in the financial services industry,” said John Bourne, senior vice president, product management, Witness Systems. “By introducing the industry’s first SIP-compliant recorder, Witness Systems further reinforces the company’s commitment to offering customers an even greater degree of enterprise access and control.”

The Witness Systems solution scales to support small to large multi-site implementations using distributed call manager clusters. By supporting these environments, the software will:

- Support multiple external gateways that employ least cost routing, allowing customers to use this approach and still deploy recorders controlled by “low level” protocols such as skinny.
- Reduce network traffic with Intelligent Call Control Distribution, which can potentially reduce the call state tracking of recordings in deployments involving large numbers of handsets.

The Witness Systems solution is a software-only recorder that can be deployed on an industry-standard PC server without the need for any proprietary hardware. As the servers become more powerful, the scalability of the recorder can continue to increase, while minimizing the investment in specialized administration skills. By exploiting the XML browser interface on the IP telephone, the software provides unprecedented control for recording calls, the “tagging” of calls with additional contextual information, and distribution of calls to the correct parties via e-mail if required. This greatly increases the ease with which organizations can act on and exploit their external communications with customers, suppliers, partners and staff. Further, the IP solution from Witness Systems can be configured to support the recording of calls on demand from the desktop, at the press of a button, or the recording of a selection of calls meeting pre-set parameters, or all calls.

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