Xorcom's Premium XE2000 and XE3000 IP-PBXs Now Shipping

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Xorcom's Premium XE2000 and XE3000 IP-PBXs Now Shipping

Today, at ITEXPO Xorcom announced their new line of VoIP business communication solutions, the XE2000 and XE3000 series is now shipping. Similar to the XR2000 and XR30000 series, these two new PBXs handle both TDM/PSTN and VoIP calls. Running the Elastix distro of Asterisk, the new series adds new features including microprocessor-based temperature control with redundant fans, redundant hard drives, internal backup and recovery support (including restore points), and an LCD touch panel for access to system parameters. The LCD enables system adminisrtrators to perform monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting without the need for a keyboard and mouse. They also now have a restore to factory defaults. Xorcom explained that a lot of their customers like to test things and then want to reset back to its original settings if they mess something up.

Interestingly, these new products also offer the option to support ZigBee, a smart grid specification which is a smart and energy-efficient wireless mesh network. It's an innovative, self-configuring, self-healing system of redundant, low-cost, very low-power nodes. Xorcom told me it will have applications in verticals such as health care. Sample applications might be to call you to remind you to take your medicine, or integrating an emergency call button.

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