Yahoo Messenger for Vista Adds VoIP

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Yahoo Messenger for Vista Adds VoIP

Yahoo Messenger Vista Visual EffectsYahoo Messenger Vista dialpadIf you recall in my December Yahoo Messenger for Vista post, this version which was pretty much completely rewritten didn't have VoIP yet -- unlike the XP version which does have VoIP capabilities. Well good news my friends! I learned via Josh Jacobson, Senior Product Manager, Yahoo! Messenger for Vista on his blog that PC-to-PC VoIP (free calling) is now available as well as PC-to-PSTN (Yahoo MessengerOut?) It also features "Phone In" number so you can receive calls.

This latest beta of Yahoo Messenger for Vista will have cool voice visualizations for the product that leverage the WPF 3D integration. (see image right)

SMS will also be part of this next release, allowing users to send text messages from Yahoo! Messenger for Vista to a friend’s mobile phone for free.

The plan is to add Yahoo! Mail alerts to this next version as well. I'd like to see Yahoo! Messenger for Vista be able to make VoIP calls to Microsoft Live Messenger. They're both SIP-based after all and they already interoperate with IM. But then again, Yahoo! and Microsoft have been butting heads lately with Microsoft trying to acquire Yahoo and Yahoo playing "hard to get" wanting to be courted for more cash.

Anyway, you can download and try out the preview version available at

Also, read more about the new features on the Yahoo! Messenger blog.

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