ZyXEL Prestige 2000W v2 VoIP Wi-Fi Phone and Prestige 5000 Video Phone

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ZyXEL Prestige 2000W v2 VoIP Wi-Fi Phone and Prestige 5000 Video Phone

ZyXEL video phone ZyXEL Communications, a provider of secure broadband networking and Internet connectivity and routing products, will demonstrate its comprehensive line of high-speed, secure products this week at the SUPERCOMM 2005 trade show. ZyXEL’s suite of VoIP, ADSL and VDSL solutions deliver quality voice, video and data integration to address the growing demand for triple play applications by telecommunications providers. ZyXEL will showcase its Prestige 2000W v2 VoIP Wi-Fi phone, winner of the SUPERQuest Award for Most Promising New Technologies of 2005.

ZyXEL P2000wThis was one bit of news I had under NDA. These are interesting looking phones that made me ponder a few questions. Such as, "I'm looking at the 5000 photo (above) and I see a stylus. Does that mean the screen is a touch-screen?" Well the answer to that question is YES! Very cool! Another question I had and I asked ZyZEL was "the handset itself in the photo doesn't appear to have a cord. Is this a WiFi handset, 2.4Ghz cordless handset, or is the wire simply hidden in the photo?" They told me, "The current demo sample uses the BlueTooth technology, not Wi-Fi (although it is still 2.4 GHz cordless handset). But we will change to WDCT instead of Bluetooth in the future. (WDCT is the US version of DECT system popular in Europe)" One final question I had to ask was, "the handset on top of the 5000 looks almost identical to the 2000W v2 WiFi handset (photo to left) but a tad different. Any reason why they aren't the same? Any reason why they aren't the same? I would think that would make manufacturing easier & less expensive." They told me that the handset will also doubles as a remote control for the video phone and they (Video phone handset and WiFi Phone) use different technology so they look different and are also manufactured differently.

According to ZyXEL, "As telcos worldwide are evolving their networks to offer value added services to their customers, the market need for triple play has gained momentum. Recognized as a pioneer in DSL technology with the largest modem/router shipment in the world, ZyXEL is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that offer the seamless integration of speed, security, quality of service and ease of use." ZyXEL’s suite of products include the Prestige 5000W Video Phone, Prestige 2000W VoIP Wi-Fi Phone, Prestige 2602HW Integrated Access Device (IAD), Prestige 660HW ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router Series, IES 1248 ADSL 2/2+ DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM), VES 1416 VDSL DSLAM, and Prestige 871 VDSL Modem.

According to Munira Brooks, vice president of sales, marketing and business development for ZyXEL, “Our comprehensive line of products from central office equipment (COE), to customer premise equipment (CPE), VoIP technology and our video phone positions us as one of the few total solutions providers. Telcos worldwide require a cost-effective, easy to manage solution that provides their customers with a more interactive experience. To attract customers and raise ARPU (average revenue per unit), telcos are looking at value-added services such as premium video content, messaging capabilities and bill consolidation. Our breadth of products, DSL expertise, and R&D muscle ensures that our customers and partners get the latest and greatest products to support their vision and business requirements.”

ZyXEL’s VoIP solutions include the Prestige 5000W Video Phone, the Prestige 2000W VoIP Wi-Fi Phone and the Prestige 2602HW Integrated Access Device (IAD). The P5000W Video Phone is a next generation IP-based video communication device that provides voice, video and data capabilities all-in-one. The P5000W is an ideal application platform for service providers to deliver value added services including personal information services and interactive multimedia services. Examples include online music broadcasting, ticket service, e-commerce, mapping, and banking services.

The Prestige 2000W v2 VoIP Wi-Fi Phone allows users to make or receive phone calls within a wireless network. Resembling a cell phone, the P2000W is an ideal consumer product solution for telecom operators or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deploying VoIP services. ZyXEL’s VoIP Wi-Fi phone won SUPERCOMM’s SUPERQuest Award for Most Promising New Technologies of 2005 in the Application Layer Systems, Related Equipment and Technologies category. The Prestige 2602HW Integrated Access Device (IAD) integrates high-speed ADSL access with IEEE 802.11g high-speed wireless connectivity to offer smooth IP-based voice communication. The P2602HW allows users to utilize analog telephones or a VoIP Wi-Fi phone such as the P2000W to connect multiple computers to access the Internet, watch streaming video and download files.

ZyXEL is supporting convergence through ADSL 2/ ADSL 2+ solutions that include IP DSLAMs and modem routers supporting higher bandwidths, longer transmission distance and lower power consumption. The Prestige 660HW series includes an ADSL 2/2+ secure modem router with integrated access point. When connected with the Prestige 2000W VoIP Wi-Fi phone, users can communicate via VoIP, watch streaming video and access the Internet simultaneously.

Very High Speed DSL (VDSL) technology is also well suited for triple play applications by providing the large bandwidth required for applications such as interactive gaming, HDTV and video conferencing. ZyXEL offers a 50Mbps solution with VES-1416 DSLAM and Prestige 871 VDSL modem helping carriers offer higher bandwidth than ADSL 2/2+ particularly for Fiber to the Neighborhood (FTTN) projects. The Prestige 871 VDSL Modem coupled with the Prestige 5000W Video Phone offers telcos the ability to provide their customers with a more interactive environment.

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