New Vonage Lite Calling Plan

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New Vonage Lite Calling Plan

Vonage today announced a new calling plan called Vonage Lite for $9.99 per month. It offers customers 200 minutes of residential calling (5 cents for each additional minute) to the US, Canada & Puerto Rico. It also includes unlimited incoming phone calls AND Vonage-to-Vonage calls. Targeting consumers who don't use a lot of minutes and want to save, Vonage Lite may have a niche.

However, magicJack offers their unlimited calling for just $20 per year plus $40 for their USB stick. So if consumers were really trying to save money, wouldn't magicJack be the way to go? Though magicJack does require a PC to work and there have been voice quality complaints. So I suppose if you want better voice quality, Vonage might be worth the additional cost. I'm sure there are other players out there as well that offer pretty good broadband VoIP deals. PhonePower has a current deal for $8.33/month for instance.

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