Sell Vonage stock now and become a Billionaire!

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Sell Vonage stock now and become a Billionaire!

I was reading the NY Times article about Vonage and the patent litigation with Verizon, when I noticed it said this - "Vonage shares dropped more than 25 percent to reach a record low of $3 a share after Judge Hilton ordered the company on March 23 to stop using technologies patented by Verizon. Shares of Verizon rose 39 cents, to close at $38 on Thursday." Wait a second here. It was $3 a share and now it's $38. $38? Holy Toledo Batman! Vonage just made 12X its previous stock price of $3 a share! There are some happy, previously unhappy Vonage stock holders right now. B)

Surely the NY Times, the so-called "paper of record" can't be wrong, right? Damn, wish I got in on the Vonage IPO when I had the chance. ;)

In case the NY Times makes a correction (it's not $38), here's a screenshot of an excerpt of the article:

Ha! My bad. Mis-read Verizon as Vonage. Almost the same number of letters and both start with the letter "V". Even their stock symbols are off by 1 letter (VG vs VZ). I'm the one needing the "correction". Must have been all that wine I drank to celebrate Easter. :)

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