The Fall of Vonage and Net2phone?

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The Fall of Vonage and Net2phone?

I recently discussed the possibility of the "Death Knell for Vonage, Net2Phone, Packet8, Broadvoice, Lingo"

This news story makes a similar analysis:
CableFAX's CableWORLD:Meet the System-Rock Hill, S.C.: Rockin' With a Five-Pack

One quote from this article says, "Sounds like no need for Vonage, Net2Phone or any middleman vendor here."

I still think Vonage, Net2Phone, etc. are here to stay - at least for a little while. But certainly the "triple play" bundled offerings that cable companies can provide does not bode well for ITSPs that only provide "voice".

Then again... since when have the cable companies done anything right, such as provided a competitive price-point lower than anyone else, didn't bundle channels you didn't want (and made you pay extra for it), or bundled any type of useful package that doesn't make your monthly cable bill exceed your monthly car payment!!

Unless you're making monthly payments on a Dodge Viper that is...
Tom and Nicole's wedding in our 2001 Dodge Viper RT/10

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