Vonage e911 Warning Message

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Vonage e911 Warning Message

I promised in my "Vonage e-911 Warning" blog entry that I would try to post a voice message from Vonage regarding their "requirement" to acknowledge their e911 rules/limitation/notice. So here it is in MP3 format. Take a listen.

I'm just surprised the mainstream media or even the technology media has not caught onto the July 29th deadline set by the FCC for the VoIP providers to advise their customers of e911 limitations and get acknowledgement from their customers.

As I have stated both today and nearly two weeks ago, the FCC mandate could result in a massive "forced" VoIP outage by the VoIP providers in order to comply with the FCC ruling. The reason? The FCC hasn't clarified what happens when the VoIP providers make a "good faith" attempt to contact their customers and their customers do not respond.

The VoIP providers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can choose to keep customers' phone service online and face possible expensive FCC fines OR they can temporarily cancel customer's VoIP line(s) in order to force customers to contact them (via other means - cellphone, email, etc.) in order to "reactivate" their VoIP phone service. Although both the Packet8 email I received and the Vonage voicemail were VERY strongly worded as to suggest they WOULD knock my VoIP service offline, my guess is that they won't be doing this.

Nevertheless, when the MSM (main stream media) finally catches on and posts stories about the FCC's e911 mandate - which essentially may force them to knock VoIP customers offline - just remember, you heard it here first!

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