Vonage e-911 Warning

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Vonage e-911 Warning

I received a voice message from Vonage last night stating I needed to go to their website and acknowledge the e-911 rules or else I would be disconnected from the Vonage service. I didn't play the message - my wife did - so I don't have the exact details. This follows a recent email I received from Packet8 stating I needed to acknowledge their email or else I would lose my Packet8 service. (I have a Packet8 videophone)

I meant to copy the Vonage voicemessage on the home answering machine to my home PC and then attach it (.MP3 file) to an e-911 Vonage blog entry so you could listen to it.

Ah well. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

In the meantime, I wonder how many procrastinating VoIP subscribers that forget to acknowledge the e911 rules will lose their phone service when the FCC rules deadline hits. My guess is there will be some sort of extension to the deadline if the VoIP providers can prove that hundreds if not thousands of customers still haven't acknowledged the e911 rules. The FCC would be stupid to allow the VoIP broadband providers to "kill" phone service to thousands of VoIP customers.

Or maybe that's the broadband VoIP providers plan? Maybe they (Vonage, Packet8, etc.) won't give the FCC a "heads-up" saying they have thousands of customers that have not acknowledged the e911 mandate? Maybe the VoIP providers want to go "nuclear" and knock out thousands of phone lines - just to spite government intervention and intrusion. Then they can say "See, we told you so! Government intervention destroys capitalism and endangers lives!" What better way than to keep the new FCC chairman off the back of the VoIP industry?

Conspiracy talk you say? Nonsense! And don't tell me their isn't a vast left-wing conspiracy either! (Or is that vast right-wing conspiracy?)

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