Vonage gets the hammer

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Vonage gets the hammer

Some interested news today. Empirix has announced that Vonage is going to use its Hammer line of VoIP testing tools to stress test their equipment. I'm a huge fan of Empirix's testing tools. We have had a Hammer in TMC Labs for several years now for testing TDM and VoIP products.

Here's a quote from the news release:
"Empirix Inc. announced today that Vonage, the leading provider of broadband phone service, is using Hammer products to test and verify its broadband IP network. Vonage is employing the Empirix test equipment to stress test their network with high volume off-net and on-net traffic and to debug complex call scenarios. The carrier's aim is to ensure network availability, voice quality and correct operation of enhanced services."

You can check out the full release here:

Press Release: Vonage® Selects Empirix Hammer VoIP Test Solutions For Next-Gen Phone Service Testing And Deployment

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