Vonage Launches Vonage Mobile for Apple iPhone & Blackberry

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Vonage Launches Vonage Mobile for Apple iPhone & Blackberry

vonage-mobile-iphone.jpgToday Vonage launched Vonage Mobile for the Apple iPhone and Blackberry. I've already said this will be a killer app and could sway iPhone users to sign up with Vonage. Though, many iPhone users and wireless phone users in general have killed their landline entirely. Nevertheless, there are some cool features with Vonage Mobile, including a single-number identity for both your home and mobile number that could give Vonage an added boost.

Vonage World is not limited to just WiFi - it works over 3G!  Vonage Mobile offers low-cost international calling and Vonage claims that you can save more than 50% on calls to dozens of countries versus the rates charged by wireless carriers. Vonage Mobile will be available for download on the iPhone, BlackBerry and iPod touch at www.vonage.com and the iTunes App Store later today.

In Q42009, Vonage will enhance the app to include the popular Vonage World plan that was introduced recently. "Vonage World" includes unlimited calling across the world to over 60 countries, which covers 2/3 of the world's population (4.5 billion) all for just $24.99/month.

"Our new mobile app is an important step in establishing Vonage as a software technology company that enables high-quality voice and messaging across any device in any location, providing great value over any broadband network," said Marc Lefar, CEO of Vonage.

Vonage Mobile features:
• Rates are better than traditional wireless and landline carrier rates
• Lets you make calls while on Wi-Fi or cellular networks, providing full mobility
• Uses your existing contact list - just click and dial - no extra steps
• Utilizes your existing cell phone number so the people you call will recognize who is calling
• Real-time balance updates and the ability to automatically replenish funds in your account
• No more trips to the store to buy calling cards, no 800 numbers or access codes, and no connection charges

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I've been documenting my user-experience with Vonage Mobile for Blackberry in Canada. If you're interested in seeing how the experiment is going, drop on by:


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