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Vonage Newsletter

Vonage newsletterJust the other day I received a Vonage newsletter in the mail. In the newsletter it discusses the new WiFi phone, how our troops are using Vonage to call home, a letter from the CEO, their 2005 advertising campaign, including TV commercials (woo woot woo woot woo) and last but certainly not least, it discusses Vonage's 911 service and how you must activate it. Made me wonder if the Texas lawsuit against Vonage caused Vonage to make a "special" newsletter just so they could mail it to all their customers explaining you must activate the 911 service. I'm sure a lawyer probably had a hand in telling Vonage it was a good idea to proactively notify their customers about 911 to help negate claims in the lawsuit that Vonage is "not doing enough to proactively warn its customers about the limitations in Vonage's 911 service", i.e. you must activate it. Well, I decided to include a photo of that page in the Vonage newsletter here, but since it's a bit blurry (USB camera), I'll past the newsletter text below as well.

Vonage 911 warning in newsletter

Don't forget to activate 911 dialing for each of your Vonage phone numbers. www.vonage/911

9-1-1 Dialing is not automatically set up for use. You must activate 9-1-1 Dialing for each of your Vonage phone numbers.You will need to fill out a short form to specify your physical address. Vonage offers 9-1-1 Dialing to all customers. When you dial 9-1-1, your call is routed from the Vonage network to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for your area.

Please visit http:://vonage.com/911 for more detailed information about 9-1-1 Dialing and to activate it now.

Ok, one more photo from the newsletter showing the TV commercials.
Vonage TV ads in newsletter
I know once you see these pictures (and the background music), the "woo woot woo woot woo" theme song (also from Kill Bill Vol 1) will pop in your mind and it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome!

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