Vonage slaps AT&T with lawsuit...

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Vonage slaps AT&T with lawsuit...

Vonage has sued AT&T for trademark infringement, alleging that the name of AT&T's newly launched VoIP service (CallVantage) is confusingly similar to its company and product name.

In its lawsuit filed last week in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, Vonage alleges that AT&T is infringing on its name by launching a VoIP service called CallVantage. Vonage also accusied AT&T of cybersquatting for having filed a series of domain names that it says are similar to those owned by Vonage. Those Web addresses include variations on "callvontage" in the .com, .net and .biz domains.

Wow! Talk about your David vs. Goliath battles. This is great news for the VoIP / Internet telephony industries. No doubt with AT&T’s entry into the broadband VoIP space, the smaller players (Vonage) included have to be a little worried. I personally don’t see the similarity between Vonage and CallVantage. If you were to say the worth CallVantage to me, I would NOT think of Vonage. Actually when I hear the word CallVantage I would think of another company & product – that is Artisoft’s PC-based PBX, which is called TeleVantage and ironically also supports VoIP!

So I don’t agree with Vonage on that aspect of the lawsuit. But I will say I am a bit suspicious of AT&T’s domain registrations. www.callvontage.com? C’mon that’s a bit fishy AT&T. Play nice with the little fishies!! It’s hard not to root for the little guy against that big behemoth known as AT&T. I wish you luck Vonage, but if you do lose the lawsuit, no worries – you have a great product. I’m both a fan and a user of Vonage.

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