Vonage solves Clearwire blocking problem, asks feds for help

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Vonage solves Clearwire blocking problem, asks feds for help

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Vonage Holding Co., the largest independent Voice over Internet Protocol provider, has solved the problem at least one customer was having when Clearwire Corp. blocked access to Vonage's VoIP service, said Jeffrey Citron, Vonage chief executive officer, on Capitol Hill Tuesday. Clearwire is a new wireless Internet service venture backed by cellular pioneer Craig McCaw.

Citron said Clearwire admitted to blocking Vonage and said it blocked anything as high as 64 kilobits per second-the amount of bandwidth necessary for voice-but Citron said this was not accurate. "When we contacted Clearwire they told us that they don't handle applications of 64 k. That is obviously not the truth because we have worked with the customer to use another port. That customer has their service, and it works fine. The network is fine. No one is being harmed. The towers didn't melt down. Nothing was destroyed. Every time a customer chooses Clearwire, it won't work until they call me and we change a few things in the settings, and all of the sudden the service starts working again," said Citron. More...

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