Vonage to announce earnings

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Vonage to announce earnings

VonageVonage, who just recently became a publicly-traded corporation, will report its second quarter 2006 financial results in just 5 days -- on Tuesday, August 1. This will be the first IPO earnings call since the Vonage IPO performed poorly. My only question is will the revenue report cause a continuation of the stock price decline or will Vonage's stock get a little bump from some good news? They sure could certainly use some good news considering they are currently trading at $6.99 or essentially $10 under their $17 IPO price.

Anybody hear anything about all those Vonage IPO investors suing Vonage? Things have been eerily quiet on that front. If Vonage decided to just "eat the costs" of these shares that investors refuse to pay for, then the August 1st earnings report could be ugly. Maybe I should buy some Vonage put options?

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