Vonage Voicemail problems

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Vonage Voicemail problems

An update to the Vonage website two days ago prevented users from accessing their voicemail accounts via the web interface. Vonage users were greeted with the message, "No voice mail boxes found for your account."

The voicemail problem which started on Wednesday continued through early Thursday morning. According to Vonage, users could still access their voicemail via the telephone interface and they reported that the problem was resolved as of today.

Outage "potential" is one reason why I don't use Vonage's voicemail on my home Vonage line - instead I use a home answering machine for my voicemail. While the remote voicemail access via the Web is a nice feature, this web-based voicemail didn't pass the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) - she wanted 1-button instant access that plays the voicemail over a speakerphone so she can roam around the room as the voicemail messages are played.

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