Vonage-gram for Valentine's Day

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Vonage-gram for Valentine's Day

Valentine HeartVonage LogoThis Valentine's Day, Vonage is enabling their customers the ability to surprise their loved ones with a poem and personalized “Vonage-gram” message. Vonage-grams give customers the ability to send a special recorded message (powered by Audible.com) as a memorable and fun way to say “I love you” on Valentine's Day.

You simply dial 1-700-Valentine, Vonage customers will be prompted to choose from a variety of love poems along with the option to add their own 30 second personalized message, which will then be sent on February 14. Vonage customers can send this voicemail greeting to any phone number in the US or Canada or have it emailed to their own account, where they can save it, download it or forward it to a loved one.

This Vonage-gram service launches on February 10 for US and Canadian customers.

Gee, this great enhanced (Voice 2.0?) feature is almost enough to make me want to un-cancel my Vonage service. Nah... Kinda lame. Reminds me of Packet8's Christmas promotion that lets you call Santa Claus. Are "gimmicks" the best VoIP service providers can come up with in order to retain or acquire customers?

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