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VonagePro for Business

VonageIt appears that Vonage is looking for a Director of Product Management for  VonagePro, a service I had never heard of until today. I just happened to notice the VonagePro job listing on Monster.com. Hmm... - "Requires bachelor's degree in computer science or electrical engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience." I've got those credentials!  Just don't tell my boss I was surfing Monster.com.

Truth be told, I happened across this job listing because I came across this article, which said: "is preparing to launch a “prosumer” offering, Vonage-Pro, that takes the VoIP provider’s base products into the commercial space for business users."

Now, I knew Vonage was going to offer some business-focused offerings, since they said so last week with their Covad partnership. I just didn't know the new product offering would be called VonagePro or Vonage-Pro. Not sure which is correct. Nevertheless, reading the word "Vonage-Pro" sparked my interest since I never heard of it. So I googled it and found the Monster.com job listing. No worries, Rich, you're stuck with me!

According to the article:

Vonage-Pro is ahead, providing a package that bundles most residentially oriented Vonage services and features into packages for business consumers.

The company is also going to spend money, he promised.

“This past quarter we spend about 27 percent of our revenue on marketing (and) we expect at the end of the year we’ll be spending between 30 and 32 percent. The company has $150 million in the bank and we’re going to use that money,” he said.

That is interesting. Perhaps bad times for Vonage with all the recent lawsuits settled now means Vonage can move on, spend money and grow their business. It'll be interesting to watch.

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