ZyXel Finds the HotSpots

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ZyXel Finds the HotSpots

Remote wireless connectivity can be pain, but the new (get ready for this name) ZyXel AG-225H Digital Wireless Wi-Fi Finder and USB Adapter can save you a lot of time and effort.  With this thumb drive-sized device, you can easily find out what networks (802.11 a/b/g) are available without powering up your laptop.

The dual-band tri-mode USB adapter has a small, but high contrast LCD screen and a built-in rechargeable LiON battery (powered by your USB port).  Power, scan and scroll controls are small but easy to use, enabling you to identify a network’s name and type, whether the hotspot is WEP or WPA and what channel it uses.  This little wizard also serves as a wireless USB 2.0 adapter.  www.zyxel.com
Price: $99.99 on the ZyXel web site; available for less at various retailers, including CompUSA, PC Mall and Amazon.com.

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