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And Now for Something Completely Different: Google Goes Wi-Fi

November 17, 2005

How about Google being granted a Wi-Fi lease in Mountain View, CA, and announcing plans to immediately start building a metropolitan Wi-Fi network?

What will this model look like after it’s been Google-ized?  Will access be free to users, with ad revenues supporting the infrastructure and service costs?  Doesn't that sound better than forking over all of that cash to the cable, phone companies and other ISPs?

ZyXel Finds the HotSpots

November 18, 2005

Remote wireless connectivity can be pain, but the new (get ready for this name) ZyXel AG-225H Digital Wireless Wi-Fi Finder and USB Adapter can save you a lot of time and effort.  With this thumb drive-sized device, you can easily find out what networks (802.11 a/b/g) are available without powering up your laptop.

The dual-band tri-mode USB adapter has a small, but high contrast LCD screen and a built-in rechargeable LiON battery (powered by your USB port).  Power, scan and scroll controls are small but easy to use, enabling you to identify a network’s name and type, whether the hotspot is WEP or WPA and what channel it uses.  This little wizard also serves as a wireless USB 2.0 adapter.
Price: $99.99 on the ZyXel web site; available for less at various retailers, including CompUSA, PC Mall and

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