BlackBerry Bold Turns Shy -- Wait 'til August, Baby!

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BlackBerry Bold Turns Shy -- Wait 'til August, Baby!

libertybell.jpg Looks like the much anticipated BlackBerry Bold is in "wait until August" mode on AT&T

The Boy Genius is in the know! Seems like AT&T and RIM are still having software issues with battery life and overheating.

Now that will make it a bit hard to wait with new mobile phones seeming to pop on the market practically everyday (well, maybe not quite that fast ...)

Can't wait for the day when you can switch mobile phones without being tethered to the mobile carrier -- but will miss those subsidies that turn really, really expensive phones into affordable (if still a bit pricy) must-have gadgets.

I wonder when this going to happen?

Let freedom ring!  (Doesn't that have an historical sound???)

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