Cell Phones Do a Body (& Mind) Good

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Cell Phones Do a Body (& Mind) Good

milk-got-radiation.jpg Well, well well - it appears that cell phone radiation isn't all that bad; brain cancer be damned! You see, a recent study showed that electromagnetic radiation exposed to mice actually reversed Alzheimer's disease and improved cognitive capabilities. So you see, you are smarter the more you use your smartphone.

According to the ABC News article, "A similar (electromagnetic radiation) exposure in normal mice -- for two hours a day over seven to nine months -- improved their cognitive abilities compared with controls, Arendash and colleagues said in the January issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, which is the research journal of the Alzheimer's Association."

Hey, if radiation can give Spiderman super-strength and "spider sense" that lets him sense danger, then it makes sense that low-levels of radiation can make us smarter. So ditch that Bluetooth headset and keep that cell phone real close to your head - we'll all be smart mutant superhero X-Men in a generation or two if all goes well.

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