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New Nimbuzz VoIP app for the iPhone and iPod touch

March 19, 2009

Nimbuzz just released their new iPhone version of Nimbuzz which also supports 3G VoIP "dial up" calling and can turn the iPod touch into an iPhone. The old version was just released into the Apple iTunes store in November, so Nimbuzz is cranking out new version pretty quickly!

The new version features a full dial-pad, and the ability to make VoIP calls to PSTN numbers using SkypeOut, as well as via their 10 VoIP partners including Gizmo5, Vyke, sipgate and A1 by leveraging SIP. You can now add individual buddies from AIM, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), MySpace, Yahoo!, and Nimbuzz.

If Wi-Fi is unavailable you can make VoIP calls to Nimbuzz buddies using what Nimbuzz calls "Dial-Up VoIP", which is available in over 50 countries.

Dial-Up VoIP simply means that Nimbuzz dials a local access number that your iPhone dials and then Nimbuzz's VoIP servers terminate the call. Jajah, and others have this feature as well.

Zer01, <strike>a MVNO</strike>, uses VoIP to bring contract-less, unlimited voice & data on smart phones

March 13, 2009

A new mobile-phone MVNO carrier, Zer01 Mobile announced that it will give you 100% unlimited voice and data on smart phones for as little as $69.95/month, without a contract, and on a broad nationwide network - namely AT&T's network.

Update: (they're not a MVNO as I originally reported due to information I read on the web)

Unlike MVNO's which have agreements with a carrier to resale the carrier's service, ZER01 has no such agreement in place with any carrier, and in fact, actually provide their own voice and data to you.

Zer01 Mobile will even offer unlimited international calling (to 40 countries) for an additional $10/month. How are they able to offer such inexpensive calling? Take one guess.

RIM Launches BlackBerry App World

March 4, 2009

Ok, it's official, every mobile phone provider and their brother has an application store for mobile phones. It started with the Apple App Store. Google launched the Android Market. Then last month Microsoft launched Windows Marketplace.

ooma Telo vs. magicJack

February 23, 2009

Rich met with ooma recently to see their latest wares and hear about their current business model. Recently, ooma ditched the 'P2P voice network' idea where users actually "share" their home landline with others and instead became a traditional VoIP broadband provider. Apparently, the privacy issues were too much to overcome, since users were concerns about fraudulent activity happening on their home landline by outside ooma users. I had my own reservations about the business model as well, since they claimed it would take 2,000 strategicly placed ooma boxes in all the various local exchanges to get good local call coverage for free P2P calls.

Besides becoming a traditional VoIP broadband provider, ooma is now going to start offering high-end media phones, that according to Rich Tehrani will in the future feature a picture frame, in-house sensors and cameras.

Anonymous Caller with Blocked CallerID? Not Anymore

February 18, 2009

TrapCall offers a new free service that reveals CallerID from those pesky blocked calls from annoying callers that think their anonymity is more important than you knowing who they are. Well the war between being anonymous and knowing "who is calling you" is over - no more blocked CallerID.

It's over, Johnny. It's over!

Nothing is over! Nothing!!

Nokia runs Skype on Wi-Fi and 3G - Suck on that iPhone!

February 17, 2009

Skype and Nokia today announced that Skype will be integrated into Nokia devices, starting with the Nokia Nseries. The Nokia N97 flagship phone will be the first to incorporate Skype in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

Skype will be integrated into the address book of the Nokia N97, allowing you to see when Skype contacts are online and perform instant messaging (IM) or VoIP calls.

But here's the real kicker - the Nokia N97 will be able to use Wi-Fi and 3G to make and receive free Skype-to-Skype voice calls as well as Skype calls to landlines and mobile devices. The Apple iPhone on the other hand, restricts VoIP clients to just Wi-Fi VoIP calls and blocks 3G (data) VoIP calls.

Want to Make Some <em>Sick</em> Money in VoIP?

February 13, 2009

Garrett Smith over at VoIP Supply has an interesting post titled 'Sick of not making money on VoIP hardware?' He's seeing the glass half empty. I see it half-full, which is why my article is titled 'Want to Make Some Sick Money in VoIP?'

Garrett writes:

Remember the good 'ole days? When you actually made fat margins on the VoIP hardware products you sold.

It was great.

Free turn-by-turn GPS directions comes to the iPhone

February 11, 2009

Turn-by-turn navigation has come to the iPhone via xGPS. You'll of course have to jailbreak your iPhone for this, but this might be the one app that might entice you to risk bricking your iPhone - or at least drawing the wrath of Steve Jobs. It actually leverages downloaded Google Maps for the GPS coordinates and just recently added a voice engine to "speak" the directions. It also apparently works on the iPod touch, though you'll need an external GPS receiver.

Check out the video demo of turn-by-turn GPS directions on the iPhone:
What's new in the latest version of xGPS?
  • Wireless Transfer of your map files.

IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone for Skype

February 9, 2009

D2 Technologies Demos reference design for WiMAX mobile phones at ITEXPO

February 2, 2009

D2 Technologies is demonstrating a complete reference design for WiMAX mobile phones at ITEXPO. D2's mCUE communications user interface claims to be the industry's first turnkey software solution for quickly delivering mobile WiMAX devices to market

D2 Technologies, a market leader in embedded IP communications software platforms, today announced that private demonstrations of the industry's first complete reference design for the creation of WiMAX mobile phones are available at ITEXPO East 2009 in Miami, Florida from February 2-4, 2009.

Built around the company's breakthrough mCUE converged communications client, the reference design provides manufacturers with a powerful turnkey software solution for quickly developing and delivering WiMAX handsets and similar portable devices to market. The reference software implementation is running on a dual-mode mobile platform running Linux on a Texas Instruments OMAP-based processor; this version is available immediately, with additional implementations on the Google Android and Microsoft® Windows® CE/Mobile platforms coming in the second quarter of 2009.

ITEXPO attendees as well as those attending the 4G Wireless Evolution Conference collocated with ITEXPO East, can arrange for a first look at the WiMAX mobile phone reference design utilizing D2's mCUE by contacting the company during the show.

"The industry is pouring tremendous resources into the creation and delivery of a WiMAX infrastructure, and manufacturers will need a fast and cost-effective way to develop mobile devices that take advantage of the greater bandwidth, range and other benefits of this technology," said Doug Makishima, vice president of marketing and sales at D2 Technologies.

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