JetBlue offering free WiFi in the Sky

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JetBlue offering free WiFi in the Sky

According to Reuters, JetBlue, Yahoo and Research in Motion plan to offer free, in-flight, Wi-Fi web connections for laptop computers and advanced cell phones, Rim said on Thursday.

The service will allow passengers to access customized Yahoo mail and Yahoo instant messenger services on their laptops or to access corporate e-mails on Wi-Fi enabled versions of the popular Blackberry device from Rim.

According to a spokesperson for Rim the first JetBlue flight offering the service will be on December 11.

Wow, free TV, free WiFi when flying on JetBlue. Why would anyone fly anything other than JetBlue? Heck I'd even pay $10-$20 more just for the Wi-Fi and free TV access over their airline competitors. American, Delta and all the rest need to get their act together. Seriously.

Though I'm trying to figure out if this is only limited to Yahoo mail, Yahoo IM, and corporate email via Blackberry. Would be very limited if your web surfing was limited to these sites. Of course, who wants to be sitting in a chair with their kid and a passenger nearby starting watching porn? Still, there has to be a better way than just limiting to Yahoo and Blackberry. I hope this isn't the case.

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