Terahertz Wi-Fi Super Speed Breakthrough Coming Soon...

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Terahertz Wi-Fi Super Speed Breakthrough Coming Soon...

Japanese researches have crushed the record for wireless data transmission utilizing the terahertz band, an uncharted part of the electromagnetic spectrum, resulting in 20x better performance than Wi-Fi.

The band makes use of frequencies from about 300 gigahertz (300GHz or about 60 times higher than the current highest Wi-Fi standard) to about 3THz and it lies between the microwave and far-infrared regions wifi-fire.pngof the spectrum. Wait, between microwaves (cook/heat via vibration) and infrared, which can be used to heat or cook things? devil-fire-background And you thought cell phone radiation was bad for your brain...

But don't worry, the 20x faster than Wi-Fi data rate is worth cooking a few brain cells! smiley-tongue-out I jest - there is absolutely no evidence terahertz frequencies poses any health risks.

According to the BBC terahertz rays or "T-rays" can "penetrate many materials as effectively as X-rays but deposit far less energy and therefore cause less damage." Well, there you have it - the BBC says it causes less damage than X-rays, so it must be safe. That's great news, since now we won't have to wear lead aprons while using terahertz wireless devices.

The big breakthrough was that the technology to generate and detect "T-rays" was too bulky, costly, and power-hungry to use in smartphones, tablets, and other current Wi-Fi devices. The Japanese scientists have been able to achieve real-world wireless speeds of 3GB/s and it is theoretically capable of speeds as high as 100GB/s.

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