Verizon Wireless Outage Nationwide

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Verizon Wireless Outage Nationwide

Verizon Wireless customers are experiencing a 3G outage nationwide. Some have been able to rectify the issue by unplugging their battery and plugging it back in, while others are still having a complete outage - both voice and data. (Verizon) Blackberry users are also offline, so no email access. Ironically, today Verizon Wireless put out a release how they've increased wireless broadband capacity on its Rochester, NY area network. Perhaps whomever did this upgrade took down the entire nationwide network? As an IT and telecom guy, I know I've had my share of mess ups.

Also in this release it says: "The company's "nation's most reliable wireless network" reputation is based on network studies performed by real-life test men and test women throughout the country". Great timing, Verizon Wireless.


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Not surprising as they have hundreds of cities across the US where they claim service available and it is not. See this map and blog article at

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