Who's the Best in Cell Carrier Land?

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Who's the Best in Cell Carrier Land?

cing_logo.gifBeen thinking about changing cell phone companies again and wanted to find out what the faithful readers of this blog have to say about the various companies.

Let's see ... I've been on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon over the years, and the problem is that service reliability seems to come and go. One company is better for two years, then another, then another ...

And let's throw in a merger here and a merger there and how that affects customers!?

Oh, by the way, how can AT&T claim to be so reliable (as stated in all of their TV advertising) when calls are constantly lost or the signal can't be found in Fairfield County (which is pretty close to civilization the last time I checked).

Anyway, the lines are open ... Let us here from you about wireless!

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