ZyXEL launches Prestige Series ATA

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ZyXEL launches Prestige Series ATA

I got a pre-announcment from ZyXEL that I thought I'd share before it even hits the news wires.

ZyXEL Communications Inc., a leading provider of global broadband access solutions, will announce the North American launch of its Prestige Series Voice over IP (VoIP) Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) for IP telephony service deployment, SOHO, SMB and home VoIP applications.

The ZyXEL P-2002 and P-2002L ATAs enable IP telephony service providers (ITSPs) to offer easy-to-use VoIP services directly to their current customers. Customers with an existing broadband connection can instantly turn their conventional telephones into IP phones. With minimal configuration, a traditional phone set connected to the POTS phone port of the P-2002 series ATA establishes an IP phone device, allowing users to place VoIP calls without the use of a PC. Based on industry standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol, RFC 3261) call control protocol and sophisticated voice compression technology, the P-2002 series offers smooth IP-based voice communication with superb sound quality.

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