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Apple iSight

February 8, 2006

My big brother and co-Mac user is moving to California in less than a week. We're pretty close as far as siblings go, so in an effort to keep the distance not-so-distant, I took a trip to the Apple store last night and purchased two iSight cameras.

iSight works soley with iChat AV (the equivalent of AIM for Mac) and since I just recently purchased a brand new PowerBook G4 complete with the latest iChat, I thought, why not try these out? I'm all for utilizing the latest technology so I can stay in touch with my family despite the miles that are between us.

Reading about the iSight has me very excited to get this thing up and running. It has a dual-element microphone that suppresses ambient noise, it connects to your Mac with a simple FireWire connection and it's tiny -- only 2.3 ounces.

My bro leaves on Monday and it will probably be a week before he reaches his new home. I'll have to wait patiently for him to settle in so we can hop online and try out the new devices. Once we finally get the opportunity to test them out, I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

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