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March 31, 2006

It's been a while since I last made a Mac post, so while I'm here, let's see what's up in my Mac corner of the world.

I recently purchased dot mac accounts for myself and my fiance (he uses a PC, but I don't make fun of him too much for it) since he wants to work on a simple, personal Web site and I just wanted it because, well, I own a G4 and therefore I should have a dot mac account for that reason alone.

I haven't really had the time to play around with some of the advanced features one receives when putting some cash out for that .mac extension (I know, I paid for it and I've been lax in using it....way to go!) but I just saw some really cool things I could be doing if I happen to, you know, actually hop online and have some fun.

iWeb, a program in the new iLife suite is a simple, easy to use Web publishing tool that comes complete with blogging templates and other really nifty tools. And while I'm pretty savvy when it comes to HTML and CSS, the drag drop photo option is way easy for my not-so-savvy fiance. He's started his own little blog and site and with iWeb, he was able to create a page in a matter of minutes.

While it was a bit of cash to shell out for the family pack, I am pretty fond of a lot of the other features that come with it.

In fact, here are some of the details:

+Share and access files, photos, movies, and more:

+Host web sites and publish web pages and photo albums from iWeb.

+Send and receive email with an IMAP/POP .Mac Mail account and use webmail to access it from web browsers.

+Enjoy access to email, contact information, and favorite bookmarks from the web.

+Purchase up to 10 additional email-only accounts.

+Use .Mac HomePage for convenient on-the-go web publishing.

+Share photo albums including full-resolution images by photocasting with other iPhoto 6 users.

+Instant message with .Mac member name and iChat.

+Publish iCal calendars online and share with friends and family.

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