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eCard Sites Fail on Valetines Day

February 15, 2006

The same problem happened last year. Hallmark.com crashed several times, leaving lovers stranded without their last minute eGreeting to make up for the lack of flowers (or candy, or jewelry....)

According to this article, American Greetings and Blue Mountain were also experiencing technical difficulties due to the overwhelming demand for eCards.

My advice? Go to mac.com and get your sweetie an iCard. You don't need a .mac account and they're absolutely free. They're not animated or created with Flash, but the photos are gorgeous and you can write whatever it is your little heart desires. Even if it's "I'm sorry I forgot Valentine's Day." Be sure to pick the dancing polar bears for that one. Cute animals can usually override an upset significant other. But I was never an expert on romance.

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  1. RE: eCard Sites Fail on Valetines Day
    Hollywood :

    What are you doing sending an e greeting on valentines day! how about a real card and some candy or flowers, or are you to cheap to spend some cash on some one you love?